In the simplest form the good news is that Christ died, was buried, then was resurrected from the dead. The phrase “ in accordance with the scriptures” emphasizes that Jesus’s death and resurrection were both foretold and fulfilled. But people will always say that Jesus wasn’t resurrected, but here Paul assured us that he was truly resurrected. There were hundreds of people who could recall Jesus’s resurrection. The resurrection is a historical fact. So don’t be discouraged if someone tells you different. Be hopeful that one day they’ll stand before the living proof of Christ. So when you ponder the resurrection, think about how faith is believing what and when we cannot see. That during hardships and tribulations that we must be reminded to stand firm in our faith. Remember the good news, remember that on the other side of darkness, is light and on the other side of death, is life. So never lose sight of this message Paul gives.

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