I’m gonna set the record straight and let you all know who I am 

It’s time to drop the bull$#!+ and be all in on all my plans 

I’m looking up to God and I know I understand 

That he has his eyes on me legs planted where I land 

So I will not drop 

Gonna stay true to you 

Represented by the flock 

Ain’t no hate seeping thru 

The test of time will tic and toc 

But it won’t make me undo 

The work we went through in my walk 

You made me produce this fruit

So step back 

Get behind the message 

We’re under attack 

By the devil’s yes men 

Demons they will trap and gnash 

But I cracked through the chain no flexin

Before I could snap 

I battled them and lost with every method 

Busted all my caps 

I try to run they met me stressed and restless 

Baffled and Aggressed I fed em 

bashed my solid body turns to mash 

The flesh you see gets sliced and slashed 

I bleed and burn and turn to ash 

Cause I never did what was right

The pressure building so tight 

My heart can’t take another fight 

With my last breath saying all my might 

“I submit to God” and regain my sight. 

The pain is lifted 

I will never forget the gift

You gave me vision 

Now I can play with every riff 

I can articulate when I spit 

People recognize what I give 

I don’t need to explain the gist 

Conversations get better quick

You drive my relationships 

You’re The only reason I live 

And have a thought to share 

The only reason I get to catch the air

in my lungs to breathe

I am no longer underneath 

I rose from my grave with you holding onto me 

You lifted me up like the sun and trees 

I connected the dots you are the 1 2 3

And now I see the picture you always wanted me

So when I let the evil in you are the gun to squeeze 

Those triggers that make me blow up on somebody (D)

Yeah now I have Christ living through what you see (C)

I finally recognize you are the one to be (B)

That’s why I never say (A) what I do is up to me.

Published by israwyell

Hey guys!! My name is Jacob and I like to draw, write songs, play drums, and hang out with friends. I was named after the son of Abraham, and have been redeemed by God just the same, so call me Israwyell! My style IS RAW and LOUD! Enjoy the gift of creation!

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