“Why do you boast about your crimes, great warrior? Don’t you realize God’s justice continues forever? All day long you plot destruction. Your tongue cuts like a sharp razor; you’re an expert at telling lies. You love evil more than good and lies more than truth. Interlude You love to destroy others with your words, you liar! But God will strike you down once and for all. He will pull you from your home and uproot you from the land of the living. Interlude The righteous will see it and be amazed. They will laugh and say, “Look what happens to mighty warriors who do not trust in God. They trust their wealth instead and grow more and more bold in their wickedness.” But I am like an olive tree, thriving in the house of God. I will always trust in God’s unfailing love. I will praise you forever, O God, for what you have done. I will trust in your good name in the presence of your faithful people.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭52:1-9‬ ‭NLT

‬‬When you see sinful people succeeding in life do you let that shake your faith? I’m highly insecure and let a lot of doubt creep in when there is no need for it. Since I doubt myself I leave myself open to not fully understand others. I am not able to fully care for people. When my relationship with God is not in the correct perspective, seen the correct way, and has that hope in it. That is when things start crumbling, when you don’t think you are worthy, when you are jealous of other people, or just plain struggling with life. Trust and rely on God and his promises. Instead of being defeated learning how to respond to God and rest in his victory and joys.

This post first appeared on my personal website.

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