What is Niko?

Project Niko is a collective of artists with a Christian worldview.

Is Niko Christian art?

No. Niko is art by Christians. This will often mean that there is a cross-over between the secular realm and the religious, but it is not expressly art meant to depict spiritual things.

However, our artist’s worldview, which is cemented in their faith, is expected to be present in their works. This means that, while there may be secular works, these secular works will not seek to injure the Christian faith or its classical tenets. That said, the subject matter posted to Niko will be vast, encompassing all that inspires.

What forms of art are hosted on Niko?

Our hope is that Niko can be a repository for every form of art. We are open to finding a way to make that happen. Most of this will be done through a form of image capture, but every art is welcome. Some of the types of media and forms that we hope to capture are Spray Paint, Dance, Sculpture, and cooking, along with the more conventional arts such as Painting or Drawing.

What if art is offensive?

We reserve the right to remove and even ban a particular artist from our site if they are purposefully offensive or willfully violate our faith statement. That said, we understand that offense is often as much in the eye of the beholder as beauty. Our collective will not ever censor a piece of art without much consideration. This censorship may range from something as simple as adding an accompanying disclaimer, to outright removal of the artist from the collective, but never without great efforts made to protect an artist and their rights alongside those who may be offended. We will never assume offense.

Who can join Project Niko?

Anyone who submits to our faith statement, has official approval from the collective, and is willing to give us the right to display their art is wanted. All artists will be given a user name to begin the posting process immediately.

How do I join Project Niko?

Send us a message and we can talk to see if it is a good fit. You can contact us at the links below.

Let’s build something together.