Deep in the trenches the nocturnals scurry  A night like this brings no gifts for the living  On the hunt their gnashing brings bitterness to the taste  So in disgust they must toss their corpse to the waste  I bring the sorry life out of its misery For that is the purpose my father givesContinue reading “POETRY / A BOLD LINE DRAWN”


Roles rolesWhat do they mean?How to operate within them?To ask your leader a questionOr make a decision with directionAm I grasping at what’s not yet mineIs it really my place to assignOr am I leading with the gifts God gavePulling some weight as we enter the fray?What choice to choose?In what way do I move?AmContinue reading “ROLES / POETRY”


I’m gonna set the record straight and let you all know who I am  It’s time to drop the bull$#!+ and be all in on all my plansĀ  I’m looking up to God and I know I understandĀ  That he has his eyes on me legs planted where I land  So I will not drop Continue reading “ABOUT LAST NIGHT / POEM”


With great power comes great responsibilityWhat do I do with this role given to me?My stomach churns that I am not doing enoughIs parenting a Godly man always this tough?I wake daily with your growth on the forefront of my mindHow do I teach you to be patient, loving, and kindI have my own strugglesContinue reading “RESPONSIBILITY / POEM”


The speed is progressin and I’m heated no question  Got these words flying out so now it’s ink that I’m sweating  Don’t keep you guys guessing  I feed you brain food so now your eating my blessings  Don’t feed me thank yous I’m no king just high stressing  I repeat times flexing I’ll bend theContinue reading “QUIVOT / POETRY”