Project Niko is a resource of Aletheia Bible Fellowship. Aletheia Bible Fellowship is a Bible-believing church. We believe in a strong apologetic discourse of the Bible, a fierce hunger for a relevant relationship with God through Jesus of Nazareth, and an intense vulnerability before each other as Christ commanded. With a small congregation of about 50 members and a young demographic of children, teens, and young families, we are a very active and tight-knit community.

You can find out more about our beliefs by exploring our Church Constitution.

Aletheia associates with the CVNW and celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2014.


Project Niko is viable as a resource of Aletheia Bible Fellowship because it ultimately seeks to fulfill the cultural mandate in Genesis 1:28 to subdue the earth and be fruitful. Though not the common usage for this passage, Niko gathers artists who are willing to infuse their Christian worldview into their self-expression and allow the watching world to stand before it and appreciate the image of God that permeates our ability to create. Every artist, by virtue of participation, agrees that God’s presence is the foundational factor in their art and is a necessary component to their artistry, no matter the subject matter of their piece. God is, by his design, always the most foundational layer of all art. He is this, despite the most fervent attempt to depose him of this position. As artists, Project Niko celebrates this truth.


Aletheia Bible Fellowship is a Bible-believing church. We believe that the Bible in its original language and its translations are subject to the hermeneutical context in which it was written. All translations which produce an accurate transmission of this context are honest and true. We adhere to the tenets therein as absolutely authoritative, immutable and complete in their application to the worldview of our fellowship and Christianity at large.


 We believe in the Bible as informative of all aspects of life. We believe that the Bible is God’s divine revelation into creation in order to create tenants by which man may live in right harmony with his creator.


We do not knowingly involve ourselves with ideas, goals, actions, or persons that violate, seek to circumvent, diminish or exclude these tenants as a matter of partnership.


Project Niko, as a resource of Aletheia Bible Fellowship in matters of social principles, endorses with prejudice:

-the familial relationship is found in a naturally occurring, genetically XX and XY partnership, defined in the monogamy of heart, mind, and soul before God and man and following his hierarchy of submission, demonstrated by the polity of the Trinity and outlined in the heteronormativity of the Bible.

-the people of Israel as the chosen people of God to convey his narrative for mankind.

        -we affirm the sovereign state of Israel as an outworking of God’s plan for his people and a fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

-the sanctity of mankind as made in God’s image, created for a purpose, and intrinsically connected to God.

-the sovereignty of God in all matters and the holiness of his people in matters of partnerships.

Project Niko as a resource of Aletheia Bible Fellowship in matters of social principles will not endorse:

-the glorification of ideas that violate as a matter of principle, those things which seek to usurp the biblical tenants on any level. This includes but is not limited to the: spiritual, mental, physical, or psychological level.

        -this may include things which outside of the biblical context and extra-biblical context include things that:

-glorify spirituality, demons, angels, or the metaphysical

-diminish the station of human beings on a physical, mental, or psychological level

-glorify inappropriate relationships between God’s creation on a physical, mental, or psychological level

-promote a contrary doctrine as a matter of intent, indifference, or ignorance

Project Niko will accept all art that can, in good conscience, conform to the above statements.