Once upon a time, there was a man, named Steve, who was in the jungle. He was walking and walking and walking and he found a shelter. It was a cave. And then, he was setting up in the cave when he suddenly saw something glow. He took out his pickaxe and he followed the light. He took his ax and hammered through the wall until he found a diamond. The diamond had a demon in it and that’s why it shined. Since he didn’t believe in God, he started praying to it and it put a demon inside of him. The demon tried to make him do bad things, but it didn’t work, it just gave him superpowers and made him look like a demon. Even though he looked like a demon, he was a good guy. He saved and protected people. He could shoot out poison spikes and shoot poison out of his eyes. There were bad guys that were trying to steal the treasure because it was a special diamond, it would shine whenever the demon was in it. The bad guys’ name was the Jewelry Stealer because he steals jewelry. The demon’s name is The Demon of the Poison. The demon was addicted to the diamond and whenever Steve came back into his cave, the demon would get sucked into the diamond.

by Joseph McGary, Age 5

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